Monochrome Collecton

Only available in 12mm


These hand made dog leads are created individually for each and every customer. Each lead is hand dyed using a unhurried process allowing for much thought and care. Each rope lead is hand packed and ready to be dispatched to you and your furry friend. No two leads are exactly the same so yours will be individually made for you and not from prestocked items. Length measurements are approximate.


Every lead is made from cotton triple twisted rope and goes through a process of hand washing, hand dyeing with your chosen colour and washed again. Because these are hand dyed there will be a slight variation of tone. They are then hand assembled, knotted/plaited and then finished with natural twine. Finally they are hand packaged and sent straight to your door.


If you would like to purchase a slip lead or a plaited lead instead of knotted in this colour please leave a note at checkout. Slip leads come with leather stopper.

Monochrome Black