Frequently Asked Questions


What is your proccessing time?

Due to all of our products being handmade to order, our processing time may vary. Currently, your item will be dispatched once the process of making the leads and collars is complete which will take approximately 2-4 weeks . From time to time this may vary in which case we will notfify you of any delays.

How much does shipping cost?

UK Delivery There is a charge of £6.00 for postage and packaging per lead (UK delivery) For any overseas orders please contact us.

Custom orders

How do I custom request?

Head over to our Custom section on our website and click "custom ombré lead/collar or custom collar" and decide on what thickness and style of lead you want. Once you have picked, leave a note at checkout with your desired colours and the order that you want them in (handle colour and clip end colour).


How do I care for my rope lead and collar?

Because our leads are made from 100% cotton we recommend rinsing them in cold water however you can easily brus off dirt for minimum fuss.

How do I clean my biothane lead and collar?

Biothane is durable, waterprood and easy to maintain, making them perfect for pets who love to adventure! You collar can easily be wiped clean using warm water and soap, making sure to avoid harmful detergents.


What thickness options of rope are available?

We have 2 different thicknesses of rope available to choose from 8mm- small breed/puppy 10mm- ideal for all breeds These are the thicknesses we recommend for different sized dogs however the choice is completely up to you. If uou are unsure on which size to order please dont hesitate to contact us.

What are the lengths of your leads?

All of our leads are approximately 130cm but this can be eaily altered to suit your requirements (can be made longer or shorter)


Can I model for you?

Thank you so much for your interest, however we only select models through a model search which we hold when we feel necessary. Once our models have been chosen we do not add any more. Our models have been carefully selected and do the most mazing job to help promote our business.

Where can I keep up to date with all the Four Paws updates?

Make sure to follow us on instagram! That's where you will find us the most. We post everyday with latest drops, recent custom orders and giveaways. If you want to be the first to know everything make sure to sign up to our newsletter. We can also be found on facebook!